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Cajun Food Recipes - Cooking New Orleans Style offers a collection of free sure-to-please recipes and cooking tips.

These recipes are Boutte family favorites. Who is Granny Boutte? Probably the best cook in Louisiana, if not the world. Of course, this is my opinion!

Cajun or Creole? Is there a difference?

Cajun cuisine descends from Arcadia in Canada. Dishes such as etouffe, gumbo, and boudin are Cajun in origin.

Creole cooking combines French and Spanish cuisines. Dishes such as jambalaya, beignets, and crawfish bisque are considered Creole favorites.

Does it matter? No way! New Orleans enjoys the mixture of both cultures.

Learn to cook favorites like lost bread for breakfast, po boys for lunch and gumbo for dinner! This site provides step-by-step instructions as well as shopping and cooking tips.

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The above means let the good times roll and good eating!

Nothing tastes better than the real thing! If you can not visit this fantastic city and get great cooking first hand, make Cajun recipes from Top Restaurants at home. *** CLICK HERE, for more information ***


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