Cajun Seafood Salad Recipes and More!

Cajun Seafood Salad Recipes and More are a collection of the best seafood and salad recipes that are especially prepared New Orleans Style.

Take a simple salad and Granny Boutte can turn it into a masterpiece that you will be talking about!

The secret to a great seafood salad is to use day old seafood from seafood boils! The challenge is to prepare enough to have leftovers!

I will be honest. There is never enough crab meat left over from our Crab boils for a good Crab Salad. When you go through all the effort to remove the tasty crab meat, you will eat it. Guaranteed! But the good news is you can buy fresh crab meat that tastes almost as good!

Our shrimp salad recipes can be fixed in no time flat when you have the seasonings cut ahead of time.

Cajun potato salad is probably one of my favorite dishes. Granny makes extra just for me.

No holiday is complete without cranberries. Our cranberry salad mold will have everyone asking for more!

Crab Salad Recipes
Crab Salad Recipes are so versatile. From one recipe, make 4 favorite dishes. See how!

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