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Listed are several Cajun Cooking articles I wrote to promote Cooking New Orleans Style. Each one has been featured by Ezine Articles Directory.

Crawfish Traps- Tips To Become A Great Crawfish Catcher
Using crawfish traps the correct way will give you a plentiful catch. Experiment with these tried and true methods to help you become a great crawfish catcher!

Pecan Praline Candy - Candy Makers Throw Away Your Candy Thermometers!
Pecan Praline Candy is a sweet, creamy, yummy confection found in virtually every gift or specialty shop in New Orleans. In the French Quarter, you can even find shops making this delicious candy as you watch.

Create the Best Bread Pudding Recipe - New Orleans Style!
There are actually several variations of this dessert. Imagine my surprise on my first trip to New Orleans to discover all Bread Pudding is NOT alike! Learn how to create the best bread pudding recipe - New Orleans Style!

A Crawfish Boil Transforms a Party Into an Event
An authentic New Orleans Crawfish Boil will transform a mind-numbing party into a dazzling event. It is all in the recipe and what you present to your guests.

You Say Merliton, I Say Mirliton - A Merliton by Any Other Name Tastes Just As Sweet!
For those of you not living in either California, Florida, Louisiana or Latin America, you may not be familiar with a merliton. Perhaps the names, chayote, vegetable pear, mango squash, cho-cho, xuxu or christophene ring a bell. They all refer to this versatile gourd-like vegetable.

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