Cajun Super Bowl Parties

Trust me there will be more Super Bowl Parties in New Orleans this year than ever before.

Can you believe it! The New Orleans Saints are in the Super Bowl. Get out your Cajun/Creole cooking recipes and start planning for the big event!

First, the championship game between the Saints and the Vikings was a thrill a minute. I got a headache from the roller coaster ride. This was one of those games that must be seen on video to watch, replay and enjoy after you know the outcome.

One thing the Saints fans are is LOYAL. I have watched Granny Boutte cheer for the Saints for over 35 years. It did not matter when they had horrible seasons, the fans still cheered and watched!

This year has been a dream for Saints fans. Cousin Benny has worn his good luck shirt for every game (except for one – The Saints lost, so he retired the shirt).

I personally have held 2 mini parties this year to watch the Saints, the loss to Dallas and the final regular game against the Cardinals.

Of course, even though the Saints were never in the Super Bowl, Cousin Gerald holds his annual Super Bowl party in New Orleans every year. It is an event and this year it will be bigger and more exciting than ever.

So what will be on the menu? I have to check with Cousin Gerald this week, but a party would not be a party without the favorites, Cajun Appetizers like spinach dip or Cold Crab Dip, Seafood Gumbo, Jambalaya, Fried Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Potato Salad, Mixed Vegetable Casserole, or a host of other items. No fancy little sandwiches for Cousin Gerald.

I’ll get back with the official menu after I talk to Cousin Gerald. Look around the site and get some ideas for your own Super Bowl party!


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