Delicious Easy Vegetable Recipes

Bring On The Spinach!

These easy vegetable recipes are so tasty that you will have everyone eating vegetables.

In New Orleans, many vegetables are served over rice. Corn, greens, red beans, white beans, and cabbage just to name a few.

Some vegetable dishes are served as complete meals like a pot of string beans, potatoes and pickled meat.

What is pickled meat? I have never found pickled meat anywhere except in New Orleans. It is a cross between ham and corned beef and is great for seasoning.

Use ham or for a lower calorie seasoning, smoked turkey wings, when recipes call for pickled meat.

Awesome Cajun Dirty Rice
Dirty Rice is a traditional Cajun dish made with rice and chicken livers and gizzards. Even non giblet lovers eat dirty rice. See why dirty rice is a New Orleans tradition.

Easy Vegetable Casserole Recipe
This recipe is so good that you will everyone eating their vegetables!

Candied Sweet Potatoes
Do you know the difference between a sweet potato or yam? This recipe makes both taste great!

Maque Choux Recipe
An easy and versatile traditional Louisiana dish. Corn never tasted so good!

Stuffed Merliton
Merliton or Mirliton? This stuffed merliton recipe tastes good no matter how you spell it.

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