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A Chicken In A Duck In Turkey - Aka Turduchen

Buy turducken? For those who are unfamiliar with this delicacy, a Turducken is a scrumptious delight served to us compliments of the master chefs from Louisiana. It is a delicious combination of turkey, duck, and chicken.

All the bones from the poultry are removed prior to cooking. Then the duck that has been stuffed with a chicken is placed inside a turkey. Separating each layer of the succulent meats is a different type of stuffing.

But you do not need a degree in cooking New Orleans style to savor this delectable meal. Save yourself some time consuming steps by ordering online and all you have to do is place the three bird roast in the oven.

Turduken leaves your guests with an unforgettable taste experience that will have them flapping their gums about your gourmet skills for years!

Okay you came here for a recipe. I have a video instead. But after you watch the video, you can come back here to Buy Turducken Rolls With Cornbread Stuffing.

Tony Chachere's are that good and will save you time! Essentially, you defrost and bake. You can buy and have it shipped from Cajun Supermarket.

Get them before they are sold out!

For those who want to cook your own turdukin, please watch Paula Dean's video. It is great.

Paula Dean Cooking Turduken

I am really not spelling challenged. You probably found many of the spelling variations and synonyms for turducken in the article above. There are others including turduckin, turduchen, turdunken, turduckhen, tur-duc-hen, turduken, tur-duc-ken, turduckens, turducens, tur-duc-ens, turdunken, tur-duc-hens & tur-duck-ens, 3 bird roast, and three bird roast.

Bottom line, it does not matter how you spell it! Turdunkens taste great!

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