Cafe Au Lait

A New Orleans Must Experience!

Cafe Au Lait with Beignets in the French Quarter is a New Orleans must experience.

Cafe Au Lait

Tourists wait in line in the French Quarter at Cafe du Monde to sample the wonderful flavor of this coffee treat accompanied with warm beignets, a french pastry.

The bitter and sweet combination of the coffee and the pastry with its powered sugar topping is indescribably delicious!

The secret of this coffee drink is the chicory in the coffee.

You can make this easily at home by following this recipe. We can not give you the ambience of Cafe du Monde, but we can give you the flavor!


  • Coffee, a New Orleans blend with chicory (Community, French Market, CDM, or RT brands)
  • Milk


Make coffee according package directions. Scald, do not boil, the milk.

Fill cup with coffee. Pour an equal amount of scalded milk.

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